The event will take place in Pirenópolis (nearby Brasilia, the Brazilian capital).

This small and picturesque city, in the Brazilian Central region, exhibits fantastic natural scenarios and breathtaking landscapes. The city is famous for its waterfalls and colonial architecture, being considered one of the most attractive touristic destinations in Brazil.

The cuisine is fabulous and a large number of restaurants offer regional dishes. The meats are especially tasty. The visitors may experience a lot of entertaining activities in the spectacular natural surroundings.

Pirenópolis can be easily reached directly from the International Airport of Brasilia, destination of several direct international flights. It is about 130 km away and can be reached by taxi or transfer, in about 1.5 hour.

The history of Pirenópolis begins in 1727, when a small town was founded at the bank of Rio das Almas (River of Souls) by the first colonizers, the Portuguese who came for the gold easily found in the river. At the last decades of that century, the town experienced a golden age and became the richest town in the province of Goiás. In 1890 the town was renamed Pirenópolis, the city of the Pireneus, the mountain range that surrounds the city. According to local tradition, the mountain-range name was given by immigrant Spaniards, due to some similarity with their native Pyrenees, the mountain chain at the border between Spain and France. Pirenópolis was born again after the 1980s, when the hippies arrived with their alternative communities and handicrafts, followed by a intense influx of tourists, who came for the local amazing landscapes and waterfalls.


Pirenópolis enjoys fantastic weather all year round. The climate is humid sub-tropical.

In May, the city experiences a dry season and an average temperature of 23°C (maximum of 27°C and minimum of 17°C). It is recommended to use light clothes.